Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions allow the therapist and client to more deeply explore treatment issues. This process enables the therapist and the client to develop treatment goals, strategies and interventions that target the needs of the individual client. Some approaches to treatment can be more brief and solution-focused by altering specific behaviors of the individual to promote change. There are many effective therapeutic approaches that focus on internal change. These methods utilize strategies that emphasize the decrease of faulty logic, clarifying values, understanding and eliminating maladaptive life patterns, and creating a positive self-concept.

Group Therapy

Clients can gain new skills through group psychotherapy which often targets improvement of interpersonal relationships. The rate and level of social development differs among people. Group therapy allows an individual to practice social skills in a safe and supportive environment. Group members develop a positive peer support system which provides empathy and valuable feedback to the client. Participating in a group helps to decrease feelings of isolation, and to increase awareness that other individuals may share similar experiences. The group process allows an individual to gain insight into the impact they have on others and the world around them. This process also presents opportunities to observe personal experiences from different perspectives, and to acquire health problem solving strategies.

Family Therapy

Family therapy offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of family dynamics. Patterns of communication are explored and modified to improve family functioning. Types of interaction and alliances between family members are identified. Treatment goals are designed to improve relationships between family members. Clients learn new coping and communication skills to promote positive change within the family system.