About Pegasus Therapy

Welcome to Pegasus Therapy, LLC. It is my hope that you will find Pegasus Therapy a supportive and positive environment.

The most important goal at Pegasus Therapy is to provide professional, quality therapeutic services for every client. Developing treatment goals in collaboration with the client/parent is an integral part of the therapeutic process. Treatment plans may be comprised of a combination of art, play and verbal therapy techniques. Careful attention is paid during this process to ensure that the therapeutic interventions will best meet the needs of each client.

Pegasus Therapy encourages a strength-based and solution focused approach to therapy. Creating feelings of empowerment, increasing self-confidence and developing positive problem solving skills via the use of success-oriented strategies is a key element in the therapeutic process.

Again, welcome to Pegasus Therapy, LLC.


Why Art Therapy?

                 The foundation of art therapy as a discipline is in the use of art as a means of symbolic expression of feelings and thoughts. Working with various art materials promotes change and independence through the creative process. This process mandates making choices. Individuals need not have artistic skill to express themselves via the artwork. The use of imagery for purposes of expression has been used by humankind for thousands of years. In fact, imagery is often the very first language used by people in cultures throughout the world.

                 The creative process allows for an opportunity to bridge the gap between one’s thoughts and feelings, inner and outer worlds, thereby bringing about an integration of these parts. The process of making art can help bring order to confusion, and can make clinical issues more manageable by expressing them in a tangible format. These tangible objects can then be shared with an art therapist trained in understanding visual clues. These visual clues as well as the process by which the artwork is made can serve as powerful tools in aiding assessment and developing treatment goals and objectives.

                 When clients interact with the art therapist through art during individual, group or family sessions, they can gain insight about their inner worlds and the world in which they live.

This alternative means of communication enables individuals to directly convey their functional and developmental levels, clinical issues, and coping mechanisms. The language of art used in the therapeutic process offers both clients and therapists a valuable means to promote healing and well-being.